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- Zapfor Apps
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- Zapfor Apps
Add costs, expenses and track profits.
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SimplyProfit 소개

    Save time managing product costs
    Track operating expenses
    Automate profits calculation
    View profit reports anytime
One of the most important metrics in a business is how profitable it is. In the simplest term, profit is calculated by subtracting product costs and operating expenses from sales revenues. While your online store does a very good job in tracking your sales revenues, it does not track your product costs and operating expenses. SimplyProfit fill this gap by letting you: - Add costs to your products. - Pull advertising spend data from Facebook Ads and Google Ads. - Add one-off or recurring expenses. - View how profitable your store is. You can view profit reports for sales, products, etc easily with just a few steps. Knowing when your store is performing well or which products are most profitable can help you make better business decision. Add to your store for 14 days free trial!
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