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Popify Sales Popup & Discounts0
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Popify Sales Popup & Discounts

- Appsell
Boost sales and social proof with recent sales popups
3일 무료 체험
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  • Popify Sales Popup & Discounts 소개

        Increase your online store trust, social proof and conversions by showing recent customer purchases
        Set and forget - use our ready-to-use popups templates for any holiday or event
        Full customization of pop up design, pages to display and display timing
        Abandoned Cart Protector - Recover lost sales with abandoned cart recovery push notifications
    Sales popup notifications are a fast and efficient way to boost conversions and drive more sales to your eCommerce store. Especially if you're running a new store without an established brand, generating sales could be tricky, since visitors might be hesitant to buy from your store and abandon their cart. Using Popify, you can create awesome designed popups and show recent customers activities - recent sales/orders and add to cart events, special offers, and show that your store is trustworthy and people are already interested in your products. Use Popify to: - Increase your conversions, sales, and visitors engagements - Show products that were added to cart: This type is suitable for new stores, and NO orders yet - Show a stream of recent sales/orders from your store: "Robert (Thailand) purchased a product 2 minutes ago". - Let visitors know your product is in demand by creating FOMO and a sense of urgency. - Promote special sales and offer discount coupons - Increase social proof on your store by showing customers reviews and recent purchases popups - Customize the pop up design (background colors, text colors), position, and timing to match your store design
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    /월 $11.95
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    10k monthly unique visitors
    Custom Design + Full Templates Access
    Abandoned Cart Push Notifications
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    /월 $19.95
    Unlimited active popups
    20k monthly unique visitors
    Custom Design + Full Templates Access
    Abandoned Cart Push Notifications
    30% 할인


    /월 $39.95
    Unlimited active popups
    50k monthly unique visitors
    Cart Recovery + All Features available
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