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PDF Viewer & Downloader
- InnoTech
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PDF Viewer & Downloader

- InnoTech
PDF displayer & downloader
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PDF Viewer & Downloader 소개

    Quickly add PDFs to your site, showcasing them prominently for easy access
    Adjust the PDF display to match your site’s design
    Let visitors download and print PDFs, making your content more accessible and user-friendly
    Mobile and desktop compatible
Streamline PDF Management on Your Website Elevate your website's functionality with our PDF tool, designed for seamless integration and ease of use. Effortlessly upload, display, and manage PDF files while enabling site visitors to download and print directly from your platform. Whether accessed via mobile or desktop, our app ensures optimal viewing and interaction, enhancing user engagement. Optimize your site’s PDF handling capabilities with our app—ideal for enhancing user interaction and ensuring content accessibility. Simple setup, comprehensive customization options, and robust features make it an essential addition to any website.
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Trial 플랜


Up to 20MB storage.
Up to 1 PDF Widget.
Up to 100 views per trial.
Customizable widget.
Plus 플랜


Unlimited PDF Widgets
Up to 100MB of storage
Limited support
Up to 5000 total monthly views
Pro 플랜


Up to 500MB of storage
Up to 10000 monthly views
Priority support
Easy download / print PDF buttons
Platinum 플랜


Everyhing in Pro
Up to 5GB of storage for PDF Files
Dedicated Support
PDF Widgets Analytics
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