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- Parcel Path LLC.
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- Parcel Path LLC.
Free Small parcel shipping/LTL and Freight
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ParcelPath 소개

    Small Parcel/LTL Shipping: Ship pallets and small parcels on one free platform
    Mobile Barcode Feature: Ship from any device without a printer
    Multi-Package Feature: Ship with various size/weights going to the same address
ParcelPath is free, unlike 99% of the other shipping apps. ParcelPath is unique because we offer merchants the ability to save on their LTL shipments. A UPS DAP, and USPS Connect partner. One of the first platforms that allows merchants to use the mobile barcode - any UPS Store can print your label for you. ParcelPath has a multi-package. Advanced analytical maps/data that allow users to understand their shipping in more detail. You must have a ParcelPath account to install this application.
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Pay as you go 플랜

Just pay for your shipping!

Enjoy a transparent experience with no hidden costs or fees. ParcelPath offers all users access to the industry's best in class features no charge. You only pay for the shipping as you create shipments!
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