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Flashy - Email, SMS & Popups
- Flashy
프리미엄 사이트 앱

Flashy - Email, SMS & Popups

- Flashy
Easily grow your store with Flashy
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프리미엄 사이트 앱
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  • Flashy - Email, SMS & Popups 소개

        Save time and increase sales using our eCommerce marketing automation templates
        Send targeted email campaigns
        Send targeted SMS campaigns to all over the world
        Grow your email & SMS lists with intelligent popups & forms
    Flashy is All-In-One Marketing Automation platform for all your eCommerce marketing needs. One Click Install Once installing our app we import all your data (contacts, customers, orders, products) from your store automatically. Email & SMS Marketing Campaigns Send highly targeted campaigns based on website and ecommerce. Popups Grow your email and SMS subscribers with intelligent popup. Up-Sell & Cross-Sell using advanced production recommendations models. Advanced Marketing Automation: Browse & Cart Abandonment Cart Abandonment Post Purchase and many more...
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    STARTER 플랜

    Starts from $21

    Email Marketing
    SMS Marketing

    Starts from $40

    Marketing Automation
    Website Tracking
    Smart Popups
    Up to 3 Users
    MASTER 플랜

    Starts from $99

    Web Personalization
    Unlimited Popups
    Facebook Integration
    Extended Support

    Custom Pricing

    In-depth Onboarding
    Custom Reports
    Custom Services
    Unlimited Users
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