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Content Scheduler by OceanApps
- Ocean Apps
30일 무료 체험

Content Scheduler by OceanApps

- Ocean Apps
Easily schedule your website announcements
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30일 무료 체험
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  • Content Scheduler by OceanApps 소개

        Schedule Featured Content like Announcements, Call-to-Actions, Campaigns and Events to your website
        Fully Responsive and Dynamic Designs
        Full-featured Design Studio and Professional Templates
        Evergreen Option - Get sign-ups in between big campaigns with an ask that never goes stale
    Use Content Scheduler to have a schedulable section on your page. Content Scheduler isn’t a pop-up, giving you the ability to showcase your time sensitive content right on your page with the flexibility of being able to schedule your announcements on your live site. Schedule an announcement, call-to-action, promotions, menu or event and let your site automatically update on your set date and time. With a full-featured design studio and eye-catching templates Content Scheduler is perfect for showcasing your next campaign, promotion or event. Your website will be up-to-date and getting the most engagement possible without pop-ups. Save time when you need it the most and never worry about updating your website on launch day. Use the Evergreen Campaign feature to get sign-ups in between big campaigns with an ask that never goes stale.
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    30일 무료 체험을 제공하는 앱입니다.
    BASIC 플랜


    Schedule up to 2 designs
    Up to 10,000 views per month
    Access to basic templates
    Limited access to design features


    Schedule up to 30 designs
    Run Evergreen campaigns
    Premium templates and design features
    Up to 50,000 views


    Everything included in Professional
    Unlimited scheduled designs
    Unlimited monthly views
    *요금은 USD로 표시됩니다.

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