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WPP Marketing
- Smartbis
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WPP Marketing

- Smartbis
Create campaigns and notify order status
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  • WPP Marketing 소개

        WhatsApp Integration Simplified: Read the QRCode with your own WhatsApp and wait for the connection confirmation.
        Sets up the content of the Standard Automations: Activate or deactivate the messages you want to notify customers about the status of their orders.
        Sets up Scheduled Automations: Manage campaigns for groups of customers with personalized marketing strategies.
        Automate your store's marketing and start notifying customers according to their behavior and consumption profile.
    Digital Marketing Automation with personalized strategies using your own WhatsApp. Our resources stimulate new sales and personalize the consumer experience with each purchase, increasing recurrence and the average ticket in your E-commerce. Scheduled Automations: Create Campaigns with Trigger Date and Time, Send to all your Clients or a Group, Run Promotions and Send Discount Coupons, Notify About New Products Arrival. Standard Automations: Send message for New Customer (Welcome), Cart Created, Abandoned Cart, Paid Order, Order Shipping, Order Canceled. Additional Resources: Automatic Import of Customers, Processed Orders Report, Report of Sent Messages, Technical Support via Tickets, Feed Service.
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