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- Shippo
We make shipping easy, so you can grow.
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        Pre-negotiated, deep discounts for USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Express and more. No volume requirements.
        Print pre-filled labels for your orders. Details automatically sync from your store.
        Detailed tracking updates for you and your customers.
        Automated returns. Generate free return labels - only pay when customers use them.
    Shippo helps you deliver the exceptional shipping experiences that your customers expect. Use Shippo to easily manage and fulfill all of your orders in one place. Shippo connects you with the best global delivery options**, discounted shipping, and real-time rate comparison from USPS, UPS, DHL Express and other leading carriers, plus on-demand tracking, customer notifications, seamless handling of returns, and more. **Customers that have shipments originating from outside of the United States will need to contact DHL Express, FedEx, or UPS directly in order to obtain specific International Ra...
    te Cards and Accounts. Customers will then be able to plug those account numbers directly into Shippo to start using those Carrier Services.
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    No per label fees
    Custom branding on emails and tracking
    Add multiple users to one account
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