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Live Messenger
14일 무료 체험

Live Messenger

Add Facebook Page Plugin to your website
14일 무료 체험
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  • Live Messenger 소개

        Add Facebook Social Plugin into your WIX website
        Add to Some or All Pages
        Customize Everything
        Receive Direct Messages
    Live Messenger helps to integrate the Facebook Page Plugin on your website allowing site visitors to message you to your Facebook Business Page directly from the website. Instantly get customer questions and reply to them on the go. Easily integrate Facebook Social Plugin into your WIX website. Simply add a link to your Facebook Business Page and you’re good to go. Live Messenger is totally customizable. Set the location, size, and configuration of your chat window, pick your logo, display your cover photo, choose colors, fonts and more. ➽ IMPORTANT: Live Messenger App doesn't work on mobile phones. It works on tablet screen size and larger.
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