Kiovic Digital Marketing
Kiovic Digital Marketing
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Proud Wix Partner since 2015. We Specialize in Website Development, Social Media Management, SEO, Graphic Design, Advertising, and Email Marketing. Our services are tailored for small businesses' success. A multicultural team offering all tailored solutions in English, Spanish and Portuguese languages. Over 250 happy customers served in 5 countries. Growing businesses with the power of the internet. Dedicated to helping small businesses on an international level leverage all the tools that the internet has to offer. Services include advertising, email marketing, social media management/posting, website development/design, rep management, photo/video production, and all types of graphic design work. Google Reviews ( 5.0 reviews- 54 reviews) Link: ( Facebook Reviews ( 5 out of 5- 57 reviews) Link: ( Message us directly on Whatsapp!

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