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- Kalnst Technologies
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- Kalnst Technologies
Retain more of your existing customers
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  • VisualVerb 소개

        Understand the repurchase trends from current customers
        Understand the trends on Average order value, Repurchase Ratio and Percentage of Active Customers
        Segment your past customers and get that data in few click for further marketing
        Download the data in CSV and Use it in your favourite SMS marketing, Email Marketing & other marketing tools
    It’s always easier to sell more to a customer who had already used your product and service. Key steps of Retention : Analyse -> Segment -> Engage Customers tend to spend more with a brand, the more the engagement happens with them. You need to analyse & understand to engage better with your customers to sell more over a period of time. Visual Verb helps you to understand the sales done with old customers compared to new customers. We help you to understand the retention through various parameters like Repurchase-Ratio compared to Total Sales, Orders Growth over months, Average Order Value over months and Percentage of Active Customers in that particular month. With this understanding you can make segments and get their data in few clicks to run focused marketing campaigns. For example, you want to make a list of customer who have not purchased anything in last 30 days but have purchased twice in last year, you can get this data in two clicks.
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    Custom charts at nominal prices
    Custom Integration at nominal price
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