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Sendle by SellIntegro
- SellIntegro Sp. z o.o.
7일 무료 체험

Sendle by SellIntegro

- SellIntegro Sp. z o.o.
Automate shipments orders to Sendle. AU & US
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7일 무료 체험
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  • Sendle by SellIntegro 소개

        Automate unfulfilled Store orders to Sendle
        Apply the Sendle postage details as per own requirements
        Automate Store orders with fulfillment details from Sendle
        One pricing strategy affordable for everyone
    Dealing with unfulfilled Store orders using Sendle is currently quite a task. Copying and pasting customer details to Sendle manually is a very error-prone and time-consuming activity. To eradicate this hidden cost SellIntegro proudly presents an app that fully automates your Store orders to your Sendle process removing the repetitive, error-prone, and time-consuming data entry from your workloads. The app covers the following functionality: - for all unfulfilled Store orders pushing customer and order details to your Sendle and getting everything ready for postage - copying tracking numbers and URLs back to your Store's orders to complete the order management All improvement comments and feedback are highly requested.
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