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lexoffice by SellIntegro
- SellIntegro Sp. z o.o.
7일 무료 체험

lexoffice by SellIntegro

- SellIntegro Sp. z o.o.
Push orders to lexoffice for easy bookkeeping
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  • lexoffice by SellIntegro 소개

        lexoffice integration
        All order details such as billing, shipping, order items and customer details are automatically imported to lexoffice
        No more manual copy and paste for your Store orders to lexoffice
        Once orders are imported in lexoffice invoice creation and bookeeping processes are easy as never
    Do you want to upload relevant documents automatically in lexoffice for bookkeeping Purposes from your Store? Lexoffice by SellIntegro app provides easy and fully automated import of all new Store orders to lexoffice including order details such as customer, shipping, billing and order items. This allows for automated process of invoices creation and further invoice management. The app set up takes no more than a couple of minutes and saves a lot of time on error-prone manual copy and paste.
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