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Fera Product Reviews
- Fera
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Fera Product Reviews

- Fera
Beautiful reviews for eCommerce
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    Start gathering and showing customer reviews for your store with Fera! Fera is a reviews app with customizable widgets that look beautiful from the start. Setup in minutes 1. Import existing reviews if any (won't show 0 reviews) 2. Request reviews from past/existing customers 3. Add review, rating and photo widgets with point and click interface Free plan available! Features 1. Customer review, photos & video management - Add, import and edit reviews, photos & videos; touch-up as needed - Real shopper verified badges for reviews - Product ratings and reviews in Google (SEO) 2. Beautiful ratings, reviews & photo widgets - Product reviews or all store reviews lists - Average store rating badges - Customer photo and video submission galleries 3. Automatic review, photo & videos growth - Customizable review request emails - 3 review incentive options: discounts, loyalty points or cash-back 4. Limitless customization - Display reviews in several languages like German, Spanish, Swedish, French, and more - Use intelligent review widgets: Avoid showing 0 reviews automatically - Show reviews from similar products
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