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Easy Magazine
- Filtr8
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Easy Magazine

- Filtr8
Smart & beautiful magazines for your website!
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  • Easy Magazine 소개

        Enhance the look of your website with visually stunning online magazine
        Engage your visitors with the automatically discovered articles relevant to your business
        Boost your search rank and bring traffic using variety of built-in marketing tools
        Make your visitors stay longer and come back more often with subscription options
    Add in seconds a stunning magazine with highly relevant and engaging content to your website! Effortlessly discover, publish and share amazing stories, blog posts and news to make your visitors stay longer, come back more often, and convert them to your subscribers and customers. Dramatically increase your time-on-site and boost search rank Establish your position as a domain expert and thought leader in your industry Grow your traffic and brand awareness with smart content posts to Facebook and other social networks And so much more!
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