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Delivery Harmony
- Delivery Harmony
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Delivery Harmony

- Delivery Harmony
Extend your store reach and start delivering.
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  • Delivery Harmony 소개

        Helps you to extend your reach and start deliver to your customers within a minute with low flat fee.
        You can book a courier to deliver your goods locally on demand, same day or next day.
        Connects your store into a smart dashboard that helps you manage all aspects of your store’s orders.
        The app is Commission free, You can also charge your customers for part/ all the delivery fee.
    Delivery Harmony helps you to extend your store reach and start deliver within a minute. The platform is Commission free, so you will always pay less with a low flat-fee delivery. We in Delivery Harmony use multiple delivery service that connect multiple different couriers into one powerful network. When you use our platform, you will get Premium Delivery Support- Avoid waiting 25 minutes on the phone ,as we’ll represent you. The platform ensures Real-Time Flexibility: you can use your in-house deliverers in tandem with ours, or switch back and forth between the two. You and your customers will always have full transparency using real-time moving map so you and your customers can track deliveries. So, what are you waiting for? Join us.
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    Pay Per Delivery

    Pay less with a low flat-fee delivery
    Premium Delivery Support
    Enjoy Multiple Delivery Services
    Real-Time Flexibility
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