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Delivast Restaurant Delivery
- Delivast
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Delivast Restaurant Delivery

- Delivast
On Demand Last Mile Delivery
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Delivast Restaurant Delivery 소개

    Want to offer your customers a significantly cheaper delivery option, compared to Uber Eats or Mr D? Enable delivery from your existing website and use Delivast's on-demand driver network in South Africa.
    Start with 3 simple steps: Install this app, Register with Delivast, & Activate your delivery area.
    Improve profitability and eliminate exorbitant commissions paid to ordering apps by bringing delivery to your direct ordering channel.
Offer real-time delivery tracking to your customers. With Restaurants' new Delivast delivery integration, you can start delivering to your customers with your existing menu without having your own delivery staff and without paying commission. Powered by the vast Delivast Driver network, this integration allows your staff to focus on the fun part: making delicious food. When orders are ready, Delivast will pick them up and deliver them to your happy customers. To learn more about Delivast, register here: https://www.delivast.co.za
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Business Delivery 플랜

Pay per Delivery

Full access to the Delivast Driver Delivery network and fleet. Instant support during all operational hours.
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