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Creator Monetization by Mash
- Mash
프리미엄 사이트 앱

Creator Monetization by Mash

- Mash
One-click tips, content & community monetization
5.0 (6)
프리미엄 사이트 앱

Creator Monetization by Mash 소개

    Boosts: Single-click donations & bitcoin native donations
    Page Revealers: A per-use paywall for your content
    Community Voting Monetization: Paid for voting, so you earn and remove the spam
    Powered by Bitcoin & Lightning Network
Earn more for what you build, create and develop. Get tips of any amount, with no minimum and gain more customers because there’s no commitment barrier. Let users access their money, right on your site. Charge any amount, for your written content, videos, downloads & audio Mash makes it easy for you to convert your users into customers, fans & supporters– by enabling them to tip-with-one-click to say "thanks" with an instant boost-donation. Mash is currently 100% free – until October 2023. Additional benefits when pricing is incorporated for early partners. Additional support from the Mash team to help build products that you love.
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General 플랜

First $2.5K earnings are free

1% fee for donations after $2.5K
5% fee for monetization after $2.5K
Support in discord, telegram and email
Free until Oct 2023 & more benefits
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