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Comments & Reviews

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무료 플랜 가능
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  • Comments & Reviews 소개

        Allow customers to leave comments, product ratings & reviews on your site.
        Enable star ratings to boost customer confidence with social proof and increase sales.
        Allow upvoting and replies to get more engagement, and approve any new comments before they're posted.
        Get automatic email alerts every time you get a new comment on your site.
    Share visitor feedback with an easy comments box. Use it for blog comments, product reviews, collecting testimonials, star ratings, or as a visitor forum. Works like Facebook comments with added layout options, replies, voting and comment moderation. - Collect and display reviews and star ratings for your products or collect comments for great social proof. - Show ratings and/or comments to highlight popular products. - Remove any old or unwanted comments or ratings and reviews. - Comment moderation: publish new comments, ratings and reviews after approval. - Get automatic mail alerts about n...
    ew comments, ratings and reviews so you can respond to feedback quickly. - Enable anonymous commenting. - Allow replies to comments, ratings or reviews to build a sense of community in your website forum. - Let website visitors upvote comments, ratings or reviews for more meaningful feedback. - Collect testimonials with images by enabling image uploads. - Order comments, ratings or reviews by newest first, oldest first, popularity, or manually. - Highly customizable design: pick custom colors and fonts, adjust size, add borders, and more. - Supports text in any language.
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