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Comments by POWR
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Comments by POWR

Comments Box | Comments and Testimonials
무료 플랜 가능
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        Allow visitors to leave comments on your website.
        Add user-generated content (UGC) to your site to boost social proof.
        Approve any new comments before they're posted.
        Get automatic email alerts every time you get a new comment on your site.
    Share visitor feedback with an easy comments box. Use it for blog comments, collecting testimonials, or as a visitor forum. Works like Facebook comments with added layout options, and comment moderation. - Collect and display comments for great social proof. - Remove any old or unwanted comments. - Comment moderation: publish new comments after approval. - Get automatic e-mail alerts about new comments and reviews so you can respond to feedback quickly. - Enable anonymous commenting. - Allow replies to comments to build a sense of community in your website forum. - Highly customizable design: pick custom colors and fonts, adjust the size, add borders, and more. - Supports text in any language. Reach a POWR Pro 24/7 by email or chat.
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