Sara Chalarca
Sara Chalarca
Branding and Editor X
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Lagos, PT
Español, English

Sara Chalarca 소개

hello! I'm Sara, a social communicator, content creator and web designer of Editor X. I have experience in creating and editing videos and content for small and medium-sized businesses. Whether your business is new or looking for a makeover, or you are simply trying to publicize your services or attract more customers. I am here, in the company of a wonderful team and we will help you transform the online presence of your business. Let's travel together, let's shine together! We live in an era in which having an online presence is essential for the success of your business. Would you like to have a wonderful website that not only reflects your essence and purpose, but is also strategically built to convert more customers? Our process is structured so that we can get it started in just a few weeks. Yaaay!...

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