Fairmont Royal Group of Companies LLC
Fairmont Royal Group of Companies LLC
To Serve with Dedication
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We are a multi-national development company. Also operates as Fairmont Royal Group (Wix Certified Partner). With 6 years of IT Experience in building professional Wix websites for clients around the globe including clientele from the USA, Canada, & Europe. We have created websites for home care companies, restaurants, training centers, consultants, non-profits, and more. We also provide social media services to grow their online presence. Along with that, we have set up e-commerce stores with merchandise designs and merchant accounts. We are registered in Texas, USA and have operations running in Asia, Middle East and Africa. We believe in providing quality services at the most affordable prices to build a working relationship with the client. We are very transparent and upfront with our clients and we go out of our way to provide them the excellent service as their success is our success. Our MD - Shahsultan (Sofia) is the IT Executive of our company leading her IT team to execute tasks and projects for clients. She is from Texas, USA, and manages her remote team from around the globe. She is a detail-oriented, kind, professional, and hardworking individual. She will be the one you'll be working with personally to discuss your projects. We look forward to working with you. Our Business Number is 1 (844) 392-1234 Operating Hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Central Time...

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